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Extreme Basement

Residential Case Studies

Extreme Basement

Award-winning technology project in Bucks County, PA with features such as a professional grade home theater, sub-subterranean bowling alley with effects lighting and multi-screen media system, pool house media room, 24-zone sound system and more!

The Ultimate Theater

Home theater system with hidden electronics, star tile ceiling complete with shooting star, LED aurora surrounding star tiles, 150" screen with professional theater grade speakers hidden behind (just like a real movie theater), super-bright 3D projector, and movie management system.

LED lighting in ceiling changes from blue to red. Rack system hidden behind seamless panels. Photo: Don Pearse

The Ultimate Bar

Bar with a custom size mirror TV that can show cable TV, DirecTV, home-owners movie collection, Apple TV, and surveillance cameras. Video image is placed above standing height of a bar tender so that patrons can clearly see programming. All electronics are placed in another room and can be controlled with a single remote control.

Bar Mirror TV shown with TV turned on. This design is a good example of how electronics can be hidden to preserve design aesthetics. Photo: Don Pearse

The Ultimate Basement

Custom wall with LED back lighting capable of changing to almost any color of the rainbow.

Custom floating wall with glowing with RED LED lighting.

Extreme Basement

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