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Technology is only awesome if it makes your life better. So many times homeowners become slaves to their systems, but Hoishik creates customized solutions that work for you while improving your life.


Have multiple homes? Hoishik can give you single-point control to remotely monitor each of your properties, providing peace-of-mind when you're away.

  • Video Surveillance & Cameras

  • Home Systems Monitoring & Constant Control

  • Shut-Down a Home When You Leave or Wake-Up a Home When You Arrive

  • Automated Email Alerts


The best solution for simplifying a large home or large property with various buildings, full estate management gives you complete control of all home systems.

  • Link Multiple Buildings—Network, Control & Monitor

  • Surveillance & Advanced Security Systems

  • Single-Point Control of Lighting

  • Centralized Audio & Video


Room-by-room applications that create a whole home solution that makes your life more enjoyable!


Hoishik-designed dedicated home theaters and customized audio/visual solutions put you in charge of the content.

  • Custom Home Theater Design

  • Watch TV, Movies, Play Video Games

  • Effects Lighting

  • Digital Surround Sound

  • High Definition Projection Video


Imagine having control of your entire home from the kitchen and being able to easily access media while entertaining.

  • TV & Music

  • Access Streaming Music

  • Lighting Control Scenes

  • Communication Systems

  • Centralized Control of Home Systems


Things that go bump in the night are no problem with a system that lets you control security, lighting and home systems from anywhere.

  • "Good Night Button"
    Automatically Shut-Down or Turn-On Specific Home Systems

  • TV & Music

  • Lighting Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Home System Monitoring

  • Communication Systems

  • Video Surveillance & Cameras


Discover new ways to entertain guests and the family in complete comfort with hidden, functional technology.

  • Large Screen Monitors

  • Surround Sound Systems

  • Cameras

  • Digital Music / Media Libraries

  • Photo Library Management

  • Lighting Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Home System Monitoring

  • Video Surveillance & Cameras


Control the way you entertain in the most formal rooms of your house with discreet hidden speakers, all controllable from your phone.

  • Mirror & Hidden TV Solutions

  • Music

  • Digital Artwork Galleries

  • Layered Lighting Design & Control


Hoishik designs solutions with hidden televisions and integrated technologies that rivals most commercial gyms.

  • TV & Music

  • Access Music Playlists

  • Access Exercise Videos

  • Video Surveillance & Cameras


Completely custom outdoor entertainment systems include everything from flat screen monitors to disguised landscape speakers with integrated control of your pool lighting, water features and more.

  • Outdoor TV & Music

  • Outdoor Projection Theaters

  • Lighting Scenes & Control

  • Water Feature Control


Make a dusk-to-dawn statement with landscape lighting scenes that change with your garden's blooming seasons and highlight various parts of your exterior. Give an occupied look to your home while away and trust Hoishik's SecureHome security solutions to give you the protection you need.

  • Automatic Landscape Lighting Scenes

  • Outdoor TV & Music

  • Security & Access Systems

  • Video Surveillance & Cameras


If you can dream it, Hoishik can do it! We've designed pool cave grottos, bowling alleys, indoor recreation areas, game rooms and more—all decked-out with the best performing technological features. 

  • Hidden Access to Secret Rooms

  • LED Starlight Ceilings

  • Custom Lighting Effects

  • High-tech Period Fixtures 

  • Unique Mechanical and Automation Solutions

  • One-of-a-kind Designs

  • Technology Integrated Into Environments

We completely custom-design all of our systems based on the homeowner's specific needs and we provide all of the necessary components, installation and support. The differentiating factor that sets Hoishik apart from any of our competitors—especially the national chains—is the high level of service that we provide.

From the moment you meet with us for a FREE, IN-HOME CONSULTATION, to any time you need support—like during the middle of a weekend—you will experience great service. Our existing clients will tell you that Hoishik is your best choice when you want technology built into your home backed by unparalleled service.  


On-site techs are experienced and knowledgable and they always offer the most up-to-date technology and products.

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