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Residential and Commercial Technology Contractor


"The Hoishik team consistently goes over and above, arriving early and staying on the job until it is completed. On-site techs are experienced and knowledgable and they always offer the most up-to-date technology and products. When they are through, the area is clean and neat. I have recommended them in the past and will continue to do so."

– Steve O'Leary, Property Manager


"I've been a Hoishik client for ten years and during that time have engaged them for all of our Audio/ Visual projects. I have never been disappointed. Three qualities separate Hoishik from most other contractors. First,  their knowledge of the technology is cutting edge and no matter what idea I have, they find a way to accomplish it. Second, the quality of their work is excellent. They are meticulous in the attention to detail and they leave the worksite cleaner than when they arrived. And third, and most important to me, their focus on customer service is unequalled in my experience with 24/7 availability."

– Rick Slack, Residential Client