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Top Tech For The Great Outdoors

The cold winter is over! Get back to the back yard, cooking on the grill, & swimming. Lets look at the top tech features you need to follow you outside.

Top Home Theater Design Mistakes

You're ready to invest in what will soon be the most enjoyable room in your house and this single room can likely turn your home into the most coveted in the neighborhood. That is, if you do it right.

Smart Home! Home Automation! Home of the Future!

You’ve heard these home technology terms over the last few years but unless you’ve actually lived in a smart home it’s difficult to conceptualize exactly what they mean.

Reinventing the Home Security System

You have a security system. If it’s armed, the alarm sounds when the doors open and perhaps if a window breaks?

How to Choose Your Home Technology Specialist

You decided to treat yourself to that finished basement complete with a custom controlled home theater? It’s a significant investment and will become your favorite room in the house, so you want it done right. Who do you call?

Adding Minutes to Your Day

Have you ever gotten midway through your day and wondered how you could add even just a few minutes to help you accomplish all that you have on your plate? You probably never realized that home technology can do exactly that.


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