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Better sound for your TV

Always messing with the volume? As TV's become thinner, the quality of sound from the TV's built in speakers becomes reduced. Whether you want simple stereo or full surround sound, Hoishik has speaker options that can blend right into your decor.

Excellent sound, great look

Hoishik can manufacture a custom speaker that can match your TV or fit perfectly into your custom cabinets. We can make speakers according to a custom width, height and depth as well as custom colors. From sound bars that look like they are part of your new TV to a pair of custom bookshelf speakers in beryl walnut, Hoishik can make your speakers disappear or standout.

In addition to a great look, we can also specify the performance level of your speakers. Sourcing higher quality speaker components from Europe matched with quality amplifiers will not make your TV & movie watching experience less like a family room and more like a movie theater.

Sonos Playbar

You may know Sonos as a great whole house music solution, but they also make a fantastic soundbar that will greatly improve the sound of your TV. You can start with the Playbar and add the Sonos Sub or a pair of tabletop or in-wall surround speakers to complete your experience. There is no surround sound receiver needed, and very little wiring. The Sonos Playbar is more than just a speaker, it handles the job of a typical surround sound receiver.

  • High quality stereo or surround sound
  • Sound bars, in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers