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Linear LED Lighting Linear LED Lighting

Linear LED Lighting

Energy efficient linear LED lighting can be used in coves, kitchen cabinets, as counter surface lighting, as well as to wash walls, floors and more.

Beaded fabric wall washed with blue linear LED fixture


Our multi-colored LED products, also known as RGB LED lighting, can be used to wash walls, illuminate coves, add accents to slotted walls and art niches.

RGB lighting can be used on the exterior of your home as well to wash the front of your house, illuminate trees, and decorative features such as statues.

Home theater with LED lighting hidden within crown molding

Traditional Applications

Perfect for kitchen cabinets and cove lighting, warm white LED lighting can accent the interior of cabinets, counters or architectural features.

Shadows are a result of poorly executed LED installations

Eliminate Shadows

Gaps between pre-manufactured light fixtures can cause an undesireable shadowing in your coves. Hoishik builds all LED fixtures on-site, around corners and to the exact length required, for a continuous run of light, free of shadowing.

  • Energy efficient LED technology
  • Safe. Operates cool to the touch
  • Small form factor allows lights to hide in small areas
  • Multiple shades of white from warm to cool
  • Multi-color options