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Simple, yet robust control of music

Crestron offers many convenient ways to control music and we can help you determine the solution that is best for each member of your family.

You can use your smart phone or tablet to turn on and control music. For those who carry these devices with them, nothing is more convenient than being able to pull your smart phone out of your pocket while sitting next to the pool to turn on Pandora.

For the that person in your family who wants it to be easy, they can use our simple keypad, located on the walls of key rooms. Each keypad can include several presets and volume control. Presets can be configured to play favorite Pandora stations, SiriusXM stations, AM/FM station, cable TV stations and more. Simply press the preset you want and music will turn on.

Crestron offers a variety of both in-wall and portable touch panels that can be placed in various rooms throughout the house. Because touch panels remain in their particular location (unlike iPAD's that tend to move around often), they are a great addition to any Crestron music system for convenient control of music.

See how easy it is

Plenty of music options

Our systems offer all the popular streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Tune-in radio & more, but there are many other music sources that offer better sound quality and nostalgic value.

What if you have a great vinyl or CD collection? While putting on your favorite Pandora station or a playlist is an easy way to get background music, when you want to really listen to your music with a pair of quality speakers than you'll appreciate the significant sound quality difference of vinyl and compact disc.

You don't want to be without music if Internet goes down. We have components that can give you SiriusXM, AM/FM, & more using antennas rather than your Internet connection. It's a great alternative when you have poor or unreliable high speed internet service and it's a great backup option to music services that rely on the Internet.

Better sound

Crestron music systems are flexible enough to provide basic background music in many areas of your home while offering a true audiophile experience in the areas of your home that matter. Want the back yard to have more kick - no problem! Do you want to have a pair of high end bookshelf speakers in your study where you can can go to enjoy music? We have options at various performance levels & budgets.