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Automation for every home.

Automation for every home.

From the moment you wake to when your head hits the pillow at night, Crestron's new Pyng system makes life easier, more enjoyable, and more secure. Lights, shades, door locks, thermostats, music and even the security system all work together intelligently. Whether at home or away, stay connected to what’s most important.

World class home automation system

Pyng is a new home automation system by Crestron based on the same award-winning Crestron professional products found in the world’s most prestigious homes. What is special about this system is that the time it takes our team to install and program the system is much less time consuming and expensive than previous Crestron systems. Pyng products are not only more reliable but also more flexible & customizable than the automation systems offered from the cable company or DIY automation products. You'll have the Hoishik team to help you figure out the exact system features you need for your home as well as support you long after installation.

Once we setup and configure a Pyng system, you can make your own adjustments to lighting scenes & more with the Pyng iPAD app.

You can start out small, perhaps automating a few lights, and a door lock, then expand your system over time. Much of the Crestron product line can be easily integrated with a Pyng system, including audio/video, temperature, security systems and more.

Life with Pyng

What can you do with Pyng?

  • Retrofit into your existing home
  • Great for new homes too
  • Upgrade your existing Crestron system to a Pyng system
  • You have the ability to make your own adjustments
  • Expandable control that you can grow into