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Door locks

Never deal with keys again! Lock and unlock your doors from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Why automate locks?

Wireless door locks are offered in deadbolt and lever lock models with pushbutton or touch screen keypads for a complete locking solution. Featuring infiNET EX® wireless communications, they can be integrated with a Crestron® control system, allowing doors to be locked and unlocked from any touch screen in the house, or remotely using your computer or mobile device. Simply unlocking the front door can also turn on the lights, open the window shades, adjust the thermostat, and play your favorite music. Different users can be identified by their unique PIN codes, allowing you to see when and by whom a door has been locked or unlocked, and even receive a text or email when the kids get home or the cleaning crew has finished up.

Security & Privacy

The lock can be managed through a Crestron touch screen, enabling you to remotely control and view the status of the lock. From the touch screen, an activity log shows what user PINs were used on a particular door and when. Further options enable you to schedule specific times in which designated user PINs can unlock a door and also enable pre-programmed settings that route text and email alerts to mobile devices, such as cell phones, whenever a door is used. The Tamper Alert feature sounds an audible alarm if attempting to forcibly remove the outside lock from a door.

Control a lock from your Crestron app

  • Yale & Baldwin
  • Deadbolt and handle locks
  • Multiple color options
  • Create temporary user IDs for guests and service people