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Estates & Large Properties Estates & Large Properties

Estates & Large Properties

Creative technology solves the unique set of challenges that come with owning large plots of land and multiple buildings. Hoishik has years of experience working on exactly this type of project.

Why Hoishik?

Once property owners and managers make Hoishik a part of their property team, they don’t tend to look back. Years of experience means Hoishik has expertise in building technology infrastructure for large estates. Many types of systems can make owning a large property so much easier: simple to use entertainment systems, centralized control of lighting, indoor climate, and security, features such as a one-button “good night” setting to put the entire property to sleep each night, without having to waste time turning lights off and on or arming security systems. Hoishik has years of experience creating innovative solutions like these, specifically for large properties and estates. Every property is unique, and every client has a unique set of expectations. Hoishik’s process starts with your wish-list. We make sure your expectations are met and often exceeded. Hoishik has it all under control. We specialize in: • Selecting the best, most durable equipment. • Building infrastructure to adapt to changing technology. • Designing creative, unique features exclusive to your property.

When should I get Hoishik involved?

The right time to get Hoishik involved in your project is: as early in your design process as possible. Why? Because proper planning early will save money later. We often see many large scale technology projects fail for several reasons. Hoishik’s process eliminates those reasons for failure. Our years of experience have taught us why your project might be at risk of failure. A common reason projects fail is a lack of foresight and accountability. A technology integrator installs a system, then leaves maintenance and monitoring to ‘someone else’. Those integrators may be great at installing systems, and the end result usually looks fantastic at first. But they aren’t equipped to handle the ongoing care and keeping that a large system requires. Hoishik takes care of design, installation, ongoing maintenance, and upgrades. Maybe you want to add a feature – monitoring for low temperature in a guest cottage. Other companies may show you how to operate your system when it’s first installed, but Hoishik will create those new features that make sense over a lifetime. Another reason projects fail is because the company can’t truly integrate. They can only install consumer-grade equipment purchased off the shelf. Whereas Hoishik is a creative and technical firm. We can, for example, design and build a custom iPhone app for monitoring your stables. At Hoishik, your personal wish-list comes first. Wish-lists often include custom equipment and software for one-of-a-kind architecture and settings. Your estate isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’. Your technology shouldn’t be either. Even more projects fail because the company lacks experience working with large estates. They think they can simply ‘scale up’ solutions they’ve used on large houses. Their approach neglects the unique needs of estates on large properties. Hoishik knows how to determine the needs of large, multi-building properties. We know the specific needs of 500-acre horse farms, of modern and contemporary architecture, and of renovations of older estates. Few companies have our wealth of experience in this arena. Hoishik are the experts in unique, large projects. And because we’re the experts, we have a holistic process that works to eliminate the reasons for failure described above. Because our process considers the entire life-cycle of the system, we can start working with you at the beginning of your project.

Plan Your Project Now

First, we work with you to develop your wish-list of custom features and must-haves. That wish-list grows into the roadmap we use to build out your property’s infrastructure, ensuring your entire estate operates seamlessly as a unit. We know that needs and technology change over time, so our systems are built to be extremely flexible. We will make changes and add features for years to come. We offer 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and planned upgrades and updates, so you’re never left with outdated, incompatible technology. While it’s never too late to call Hoishik, you can get peace of mind – and a better system – by calling us first.

Service on your schedule

Hoishik is known for our excellent service. We remotely monitor the health of your system and fix it promptly if there are issues. We plan for upgrades over time so your system won’t become obsolete. We have experts on-call 24/7, 365 days a year – so you’ll always be able to speak with someone who knows your system inside and out. Our service is pre-emptive, real-time, and responsive. We plan for the unexpected and have systems in place to catch and fix issues before they develop into problems. Because we fix issues before they become problems, you might find you don’t need to call us very often at all!

  • Control entire estates from your iPhone and other devices.
  • Special features and settings to help your staff work more efficiently.
  • Ultimate systems for entertaining family and guests.
  • 24/7-365 expert system support, maintenance, and monitoring.
  • Planned upgrades and updates.
  • Protection from threats such as intrusion, fire, surge, & data breach.
  • Custom features and apps unique to your properties.