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Professionally installed TV's

Professionally installed TV's

What if you don't want your TV to be the center of attention? Not only can we hide the wiring & cable boxes, we also have some creative ways to hide the TV's!

The best TV installations

Hoishik will come to your home to evaluate the best location for your TV, help you choose and purchase the proper TV for the space, then provide all necessary accessories and installation.

Hoishik takes special attention to hiding all accessory components for your TV. That means that the wiring, surge protection, cable box, bluray player, and electric will be out of sight.

Hiding the TV

If you want to hide a TV in a particular space, there are various ways to accomplish it.

There are mirrors with embedded TV's. Seura is a manufacturer of mirror TV's that provide both standard as well as custom size mirrors. You can also customize the size of the TV image that appears in the mirror as well as the style of the frame that surrounds the mirror.

TV's can serve as large digital picture frames. We can take the latest LED flat panel TV and surround it with a custom frame. We can even hide a speaker bar behind the matting of the frame so that you get the full surround sound experience without seeing speakers.

We've mounted TV's to mechanical lifts that can make them rise out of custom cabinetry and furniture. We've designed cabinets both for interior and exterior applications.

See gallery below for some of our unique TV installations