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The true essence of home automation, our magic sequences and button presses make everything easier. They help to put your house to sleep each night, make your home safer to live in, and take command of all your technology components at once.

The Goodnight Press

Perhaps the greatest gift of automated awesomeness that we can give you is the "goodnight" button. Pressing this button located in your master bedroom will turn off all the lights throughout your entire home, leaving only the nightlights and exterior lights on that you want. More than that, the goodnight button can also turn off all audio/video systems in the house, lower the window shades, arm the security system, lock the doors, close garage doors & gates, and adjust temperature.

If you have a TV in your master bedroom, we often place a "good night" button on your handheld TV remote control. For those who fore-go the master bedroom TV, we can place a a simple, wireless keypad on your night stand.

See how the Good-night press works

Coming Home Press

The next time you are on your way home from vacation to your house, use your smart phone to activate the "I'm coming home" mode for your house. The temperature will rise to a comfortable level, which was previously set in energy savings mode. If it's past dusk, some of your interior lights will turn on so you don't have to enter into a dark house. We can even program the TV or music to be playing so that you don't have to enter a quiet house!

Chromatic lighting

When it gets dark out, you turn on lights. Be it various interior and exterior lights, turning on these lights is something that you probably do almost everyday. We can automate the process of turning on your outdoor lights each night at dusk so that your house not only looks great, but is safer. You can choose to leave these lights on all night or we can set them to turn off during the good night press. If you leave them on all night, they'll automatically turn off at dawn. Don't worry about having to turn on the same interior lights each evening, we can turn these on automatically!

Interior Accents

Want your house to look great when you are entertaining? Hoishik can setup an "evening accents" scene that will illuminate all of your home's lighting at the perfect levels with just a single button press. We'll turn on the lights in your display cabinets, illuminate artwork, the architecture of your home and make sure that all common rooms appear warm and inviting.

Cleaning & maintenance

We believe you will have a cleaner house if the cleaning crew has adequate lighting to do their job better. With the single press of a button, we can turn on all lights inside of your home at full brightness. The crew will be able to notice dirty counter tops, smudges on glass doors, marks on walls & trim, and spots in the carpet. After a thorough cleaning, your cleaning crew can press the same button to turn the lights off again.

  • Shut it all down before bed with the Good night button
  • Control lighting with scenes
  • Automate various lights such as landscape lights
  • Control lights with phones, tablets & PC's
  • Easy to retrofit into existing homes