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Property Management

Managing a large estate property and/or multiple homes can be challenging for both owners and property managers alike. Hoishik has developed the tools to make life easier.

Multi-window display

You can't be everywhere at the same time, but we can allow you to monitor and control buildings all at once. Monitor surveillance cameras, thermostats, & security in one home while being able to check propane levels & energy usage in another building.

One of the views of our desktop software is the quad screen viewer. You can choose to monitor and control a different building is each of the four windows. For instance, you might want to keep an eye on the temperature of the Pennsylvania property barn loft in window one. You could set window 2 to show driveway alerts for all properties. That way you'll know anytime a delivery person or guest shows up at the main house or any of the secondary homes. In window 3, you might make sure that all the doors are locked at the beach house. And finally, you could use window four to turn off any interior lights that house cleaners may have left on in the main house.

On the go or at your desk

From anywhere in the world, you can monitor your properties. Our software works on your smartphone & tablet when you are on-the-go and we have a feature packed desktop software suite that uses a large screen touch PC.

  • Email alerts for low building temperatures, security breaches, personnel entering property
  • Reduce energy costs with automated lighting & HVAC control
  • Mobile device control and status
  • Full desktop suite of property management software