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Residential Maintenance

At Hoishik our goal is to ensure that your system works everytime, all the time. While this can often be challenging when it comes to technology , we have new tools and processes that have allowed us to get much closer to meeting our goal.

Remote Monitoring and Support

The various blend of products that makeup our customized remote monitoring and support package allow us to do such things as discover problems with your system and correct them, before you discover them. Our team monitors the "heartbeats" of many electronic components across our client sites and when we are alerted of an issue, we are able to log in and resolve issues. Some of our components can be configured to be "self healing" receiving automatic power reboots when locked up. While we've always been responsive whenever you've sent us an email needing support, now your system can do some of the work for you.

System Checkups

In addition to remote monitoring and support, we now have on-going maintenance plans in place where we have our technicians perform onsite system checks according to a custom pre-designed check list that Travis creates. In addition to system checks, we vacuum and clean your equipment racks and other components of your system. Our onsite visits occur a minimum of at least once per year.

Remain Current

Beyond the benefit of Hoishik ensuring your system is running properly, our clients that participate in our plans receive discounts on replacement components and various upgrades. The Hoishik team will work hard to keep your system current by making regular suggestions for system software and hardware updates as technology evolves. Essentially, I create a similar document to this website regularly for our clients on our maintenance plans who wish to keep their systems current.