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Surveillance Systems Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

Keep an eye on your home when you aren't home from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Receive emailed snapshots when certain events happen.

Why have cameras?

You can't be everywhere, but with a multi-camera system installed at your home you can see many areas of your home all at once, from different devices within your home, and from anywhere in the world.

Check out who just pulled into your driveway by glancing at the kitchen TV. Find out who is ringing the doorbell from your phone in another state. Keep an eye on the kids playing in the back yard from your iPAD.

Review recorded events

You probably have better things to do than watch your cameras all day. Fortunately, our systems record the events that the cameras see throughout the day and night.

You wouldn't believe what happens. Check out the recent video below from one of our customers of an unsuccessful break in attempt.

  • View on smart phone, tablet, or PC & TV's
  • HD resolution for detailed images
  • Ability to record footage