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Theater Speakers

Theater Speakers

Want to take your home theater to a level of sound performance well beyond the local cinema? Experience the product that so many in Hollywood have in their own home theater systems.

If you are going to build a theater room, get the sound right.

The complimentary part to a great picture in a home theater is great sound. In a Hoishik home theater, the experience should be unique to any other room in your house. Dialogue should be crystal clear at any volume level and the sound when watching action movies should be full of impact. If you watch a concert on bluray, we expect our sound systems to perform similar to the actual concert. There are no smoke and mirrors or magic tricks, only real physics and good engineering at work making for an amazing performance.

Many people get concerned about obsolescence when purchasing anything related to technology. One of the great things about speakers is they become obsolete at a much slower rate than other electronics that you purchase such as bluray players and surround sound receivers. If you buy good quality speakers and treat them properly, they'll last you many years.

Introducing Pro Audio Technologies Speakers

If the truth be told, nearly all “home theater” products are merely “home audio” products renamed for marketing purposes. However, there is a fundamental flaw in attempting to reproduce the theater sound with this approach, home audio loudspeakers and electronics are based on technologies that were never intended for Cinema reproduction. Compressed dynamics, limited volume levels, and driver failure are but a few of the issues resulting from this technology mismatch. The fact is, today’s “home theater” products fall far short of creating anything close to the commercial cinema experience.

Based on proven technologies perfected in commercial cinema installations, PRO products offer a unique alternative to the many problems associated with using conventional loudspeaker designs for home theater applications. Each loudspeaker is designed and built using professional audio technology to deliver the big sound we’ve come to expect from motion picture soundtracks, while also offering bullet-proof design to insure many years of continued operation.

Finally there is a loudspeaker option that can deliver the visceral sensation of today’s digital motion picture soundtracks without risk of damage or total product failure. PRO is proud to offer a unique line of professional-grade loudspeakers using advanced DSP to elevate the stature of “home theater” to that of “Cinema” for the home. For the first time, the big, dynamic, and exciting sound of the best commercial cinema can be experienced at home.