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Video Distribution Video Distribution

Video Distribution

Restaurants and sports bars often have a need for multiple TV displays. Your clients expect more than what they can get at home - they want high definition, bigger TV's, and multiple games at once.

Video distribution solves several problems

Video distribution allows you to choose from multiple sources at any TV in your restaurant. Need Channel 510 on Comcast at the bar? DirecTV channel 720 in the lounge? It's easy to select from multiple sources at any TV such as satellite boxes, cable boxes, computers, bluRay players, live cameras, digital sign players to broadcast your message & more

You don't need all this boxes at every TV. With video distribution, you can share sources. Lets say your restaurant has 15 TV's. You don't need 15 cable boxes, 15 DirecTV boxes, 15 BluRay players, etc between all of your TV's. You can share boxes. You might have 5 cable boxes, 5 DirecTV boxes, and a single Bluray player as part of your video distribution system and have the ability to access any of these sources at any TV. You can even have the same cable box & TV channel playing on every TV in the restaurant if you choose.

You care about the quality of your product as well as the experience your clients have in your restaurant. At Hoishik, we care about the quality of your TV installation. In our world, a professional installation is free from messy wires and stacks of boxes below each TV. Your staff isn't running around with remote controls at each TV to change channels. All boxes & equipment are centrally located in equipment racks that are organized and easy to maintain.

Controlling the entire system is easy with our drag and drop software that can run on iPAD's, computers, and dedicated touch screens. Simply drag a source such as a cable box and drop it onto a TV. The TV will automatically turn on. You can also have a single button press that allows you to turn on all TV's in the entire restaurant to certain channels when you open each day. A single button can turn off all TV's, music, lighting & more at closing each night.

  • Centralized control of many TV's
  • Offsite control ability for management
  • Reduce the number of set top boxes. You don't need a box per TV.
  • Distribute full high definition picture quality to many displays
  • Distribute cable TV, satellite TV, Internet pages, digital signage and messaging, gaming & more