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What's on TV? What's on TV?

What's on TV?

More than cable TV and satellite - you can stream movies with Netflix, browse the Internet, access your own movie collection, and see who's standing at the door. You can watch 4K videos on Youtube - yes Youtube! (If you aren't familiar with 4K - think of it as the new high definition that's even more high definition.)

Cable TV

No one likes dealing with the cable & phone companies. Hoishik can help facilitate even the most challenging cable TV or satellite installations. We prevent the cable company from leaving a mess of wiring on the inside and outside of the house. Further, we improve the cable watching experience by simplifying & consolidating remote controls and keeping unsightly set top boxes out of sight.

Roku 3 streaming player

Streaming Services

We can help you choose which streaming services are right for you. Could it be Netflix or Youtube or would Vudu or Hulu give you the content you want? Then we help you determine and setup the right device to deliver the services such as Apple TV, Roku, or the apps built into your smart TV.

Kaleidescape coverart view. Navigate through your movies on your TV screen, not on shelves packed with disks.

For the movie lover

Perhaps you have an existing collection of bluray movies or you've been a lifelong collector of your favorite movies. If you have small children, you know how easy it is for your discs to get scratched or lost all together. A Kaleidescape movie server is the ultimate device for managing all of your movies and allowing you to access them on any TV in your house. Because movies are stored on the Kaleidescape system within your house, you can be sure that your movie will play perfectly every time without any network interruptions often encountered with streaming services. If you have a quality TV, theater or sound system, you will appreciate the amazing difference in picture and sound quality.


Did you know that your TV can add to your security? That's right, if a car pulls into your driveway we can show you who it is - on any TV in the house. You won't have to answer the door again without knowing who is on the other side. A press of the doorbell will briefly interrupt your TV program to show you who is standing at your door.