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Whole House Surge Protection

Electronics & appliances in your home are continually getting bombarded with surges & spikes. Hoishik installs Total Protection Design systems to stop surges in their tracks.

What is a Transient or Surge?

A transient or surge is an impulse of undesirable electrical energy in the electrical or data system. These events degrade and destroy electronic components. Even small transients (less than 50 volts) can lock up electronics, cause reprogramming issues, and cause glitches/malfunctions to the system.

Where do transients come from?

Approximately 20% of electrical transients at the breaker panel come from outside the house. Around 80% of electrical transients at the breaker panel come from within the home when equipment is cycled on and off (such as air conditioners, dish washers, motors, vacuum cleaners etc.), and almost all are less than 1000 volts.

How do transients get into the system?

A majority of transients are generated by equipment inside the home where it migrates to other equipment through your home’s wiring. These degrading type transients cause lock ups and glitches and permanent damage over time. Lightning can be much more destructive and enters the home by coupling onto miles of power, phone and cable utility lines. Other times lightning will couple onto copper lines (outdoor speakers, security cameras, satellite lines etc.) around the home when strikes occur at or within 1/4 mile of the home.

How do I safeguard my electrical systems?

Protect and extend the life of equipment by protecting against destructive transients in the system with placement of TPD units at the most strategic locations. This means protecting all electrical breaker panels, protecting incoming phone and cable lines, and protecting all other copper wires entering or leaving the home.

  • Extend the life of your electronics & appliances
  • Stop surges on copper wiring entering your home
  • Reduce or eliminate surge damage caused by lightning storms