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Adding Minutes to Your Day

Have you ever gotten midway through your day and wondered how you could add even just a few minutes to help you accomplish all that you have on your plate? You probably never realized that home technology can do exactly that.

Home automation does many things and one of them is that it can save you time every single day, that precious, coveted time we all desire to spend on more important things. The amount of time you gain depends how many tasks you choose to automate in your home, and there are many to choose from.

Let’s start with lighting control. Lighting control systems can be hardwired into a home as it’s being built, or using wireless technology in an existing home. Each light can be controlled individually, but the beauty of lighting control is what it can do beyond that. When you’re sitting down to watch TV at night, there’s no more walking around to each lamp or switch and dimming it to just the right level before you sit down. Simply get comfortable, hit a button, and everything sets itself. How long does it take you to walk around each floor of your house checking every light that your children may have left on? With lighting control, just slide into bed, hit one button and turn everything off at once. The possibilities are endless.

An integrated movie server can organize your collection and simplify your selection. No more searching for your favorite movie, setting it up and fumbling with multiple remote controls to start the show. Now you can turn on the screen and view the movie cover art to make your selection. Hit play and enjoy the show.

An automation system can combine all of your audio favorites from CDs, Radio, Cable Audio and more to create specific audio presets for any occasion. Don’t spend time searching for your favorites while your guests are waiting, hit party and you’re all set with your favorite songs set in a juke box mode. Or hit dinner and settle in to enjoy your meal with light classical in the background.

And that’s just a few examples of what you can do! The possibilities are endless. What’s even better – combine all of these so they work together!

So, if you had some extra time in your day, what would you do? Play catch with your son? Close an extra deal at the office? Or maybe you’d use it to enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Whatever it is, give us a call and let Hoishik make it happen.


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