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Top Tech For The Great Outdoors

Top Tech For The Great Outdoors

The cold winter is over! Get back to the back yard, cooking on the grill, & swimming. Lets look at the top tech features you need to follow you outside.


Check email, read the news, and update Facebook. With a strong & secure WiFi signal that extends to the outside of your house you can sit on the patio and work for the day rather than going to the office! Hoishik employs powerful & weather friendly wireless access points (WAPS) in key areas of your property.

Pakedge outdoor rated wireless access point


Music that follows you as you roam your property - that's just one way we make you feel like you're on vacation even when you can't be. Whether it be music by the pool, in the garden or by the patio - we've got you covered!

Landscape with integrated speakers


Do you spend time outside by the pool or stay inside to catch the ballgame? You can have both - we can install a TV, built to stand up to the weather, in almost any space on the outside of your home. Place a TV under the covered porch, near the swimming pool, or on the deck overlooking the ocean. Now you can catch up on your favorite shows or watch the game while relaxing outside.

Outdoor Skyvue TV in a pop up lift

Movie Night

Your home theater doesn't have to be in a dark room of your basement. Hoishik can setup an outdoor projection system with movie screens as large as thirty feet tall! Great for evening pool parties, family gatherings, & neighborhood entertaining an outdoor movie, baseball game. premiere TV event & even the ultimate video game screen starts soon after the sun sets.

Blow up 20 foot projection screen with high output Epson projector


Illuminating the features of your yard will draw you outside after dark. More than curb appeal, when your trees, field stone walls, statues, and pathways are lit automatically each night at dusk, your incredible yard will take on a whole new look from inside the house. Your family and guests will want to hang out well into the evening.

Pier lighting automatically turns on at dusk along with other landscape lights on property


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