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Reinventing the Home Security System

You have a security system. If it’s armed, the alarm sounds when the doors open and perhaps if a window breaks?

Just over 15% of the US population has a security system in their home and most alarming, they are less than 60% effective. Do you feel safe knowing that your security system will only protect you half the time? One of the most prevalent issues is that homeowners simply forget to arm or intentionally do not arm their system.

When the system is armed, alarms are so often false they have become unreliable indicators of threats and are frequently ignored or police are slow to respond.

Maybe you have cameras viewable from your television or computer, but wouldn’t it be nice if you knew when there was a reason to look at your cameras?

A Hoishik security system offers a new set of deterrents, removes the burglars element of surprise and empowers your family with realtime information. Offering control by your remote control, wall mounted keypad, computer, Ipad or mobile phone, you are provided the potential to view and control your home from almost anywhere in the world.

A burglar enters your property while you're asleep and most or all of your indoor and outdoor lighting is off. As he approaches your home, the outdoor motion detectors are triggered, but indoor and outdoor lighting is activated and the televisions are turned to the camera system, making his presence clear and deterring him from coming closer to your home. Adequate outdoor lighting and both outdoor and indoor motion activated lighting discourage prospective burglars from attempting to enter your home as they provide the perception that the homeowner is there and potentially aware of their presence.

A stranger pulls into your driveway while your wife is home alone with your 3 children. Driveway sensors will trigger audible alerts and televisions turn on to your camera system and you will receive an email or text notification. You will never be caught off guard by a suspicious vehicle on your property and you will always know when the doorbell is about to ring. You will be aware there is someone on your property before they are even able to approach your home. Of course this is helpful knowing when a friends or delivery has arrived!

Forgetting to arm your system is not an option. Your system will automatically arm with the click of a single button from your bedroom remote control, which by the way, will also shut the garage doors, adjust your hvac systems and turn off your lights and televisions. Your system can also automatically arm when you close your garage doors from car, in case you forget when you leave the house. As for those pesky false alarms, you can receive a notification when the alarm goes off and disarm it with your cell phone, checking your cameras first of course, before the police are even notified. The system can notify you in realtime, through email or text, when any action is taken: a door is opened, your child disarms the alarm when arriving home from school, a driveway or motion sensor is tripped, or when a fire or carbon monoxide detector is set off. Your ability to take immediate action following any of these notifications puts the entire system in your control whether you're in your home, at work or on vacation.

Hoishik offers a unique security system that can provide all of the above and more. This complete system removes the false sense of security the traditional system provides and truly protects your family and home.


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